Handling Students with .edu Emails Associated with Other Institutions

John Dill -

You cannot create or update students with .edu email domains that are associated with other institutions via importer. 

You will see the following warning if you attempt this:

A listing of all domains that were skipped, and how many rows found matching those domains, is further down the import page:


To correct this:

  • For .edu domains that are indeed associated with your school
    • Open a support request to have these added to your importer "domains" list.
  • For .edu domains that are associated with other schools
    • Please update these email addresses in your file with alternate/personal emails from these students (@gmail.com, @yahoo.com, etc.).  Students receive a new, separate Handshake account under their new .edu address at the next institution they attend.


*If the student doesn't attend your institution anymore and did not provide an alternate email, the best option is typically to utilize their previous .edu email from your institution for account management purposes (do not do this if you recycle emails for future students).

The reason we don't allow this:

E-mail address is currently the only identifying value that has to be unique to all of Handshake, and each school manages their own domains and accounts within Handshake (including Alumni).  In many cases, students will go on to attend a grad program at another institution or transfer, and if their new email address is already used at your school, they will not be able to set up a new/correct account at that institution.

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