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The Who’s Hiring dashboard will show you insights and details on which employers are actively engaging with your students and posting jobs. 

You can access the dashboard by clicking here

To navigate to the dashboard in Handshake: 

1. Click on Analytics from the left menu column. 

2. The page will default to Dashboards; scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Who's Hiring.

Dashboard Filters

The top of the page will allow you to adjust filters for displayed data. The available filters are: 

  • Time Window Start (default is “on or after 30 days ago”)
  • Industry Name (default is blank)
  • Us Region (default is blank)

Note: To scroll within the dashboard, ensure your mouse pointer is in the area highlighted by the red rectangle in the below example. 



Dashboard Content

Below are the sections and content details included in this dashboard. 

Overview Trends 

  • Employers with currently active jobs (number of)
  • Employers that have messaged students in the selected date range (number of)


Summary of Recent Job Trends

  • Number of Jobs Posted in the Past Two Years (line graph): Includes data for Full-time, Part-time, and Internships
  • Top Ten Industries with Active Jobs (column): broken down by Job and Internship
  • Employer with Active Jobs (posted since selected date): list of employers, industries, total roles posted, and part-time roles
  • Active Jobs by US State (map)
  • New Jobs YTD YOY by Industry: industry list with job counts for last two years and difference
  • Remote Jobs Available for Students: list of employer names and count of job postings


Job Postings 

This section is for what jobs and internships are available for students. Each of these tables includes a list of employer names, industry names, job titles, job types, and posting date.

  • 500 Most Recently Posted Full-Time Jobs
  • 500 Most Recently Posted Part-Time Jobs
  • 500 Most Recently Posted Internships


List of Employers Proactively Reaching out to Students

(Includes all employers approved at your school)

  • Employers Who've Messaged 5+ Students at your University (since selected date): list of employer names and corresponding industry names
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