Handshake Life Cycle Stages

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This article will give an overview of the different stages within the Handshake Customer Lifecycle!

Overall Stage Name Key Tasks
Training & Configuration
  • Completing Online Trainings
  • Completing School Settings Configuration
  • Beginning IT Discussions on SSO, Whitelisting, Student File
Preparing for Employer Launch
  • Uploading Contact File
  • Launching & Marketing to Employers
Preparing for Student Launch
  • Uploading Student File
  • Ensuring SSO & Whitelisting are Complete
  • Launching & Marketing to Students
  • Iterating on School Settings
  • Finalizing Workflows
  • Continuing to Market to Students
  • Continuing Education
Handshake Achiever
  • Fully Utilizing Different Areas of Handshake
  • Focusing on Student Engagement over Internal Workflows
Handshake Ambassador 
  • Actively Answers Community Questions
  • Requires little day to day support


Student Data Stages

Stage Name Description
Not Discussed
  • Student file conversations have not begun
Invited to Importer (survey completed)
  • IT POC has been added to the importer tool
Initial upload uploaded/in review
  • At least one Student File has been uploaded for Handshake's review
Initial upload imported
  • Initial student file has been processed, student data exists in Handshake
Adding Additional Data to Sync
  • Additional student files pending
Closed Won/All Data Uploaded
  • Student file upload complete

SSO Stages

Stage Name Description
Not Discussed
  • IT POC has not been assigned or added to Handshake
IT POC Assigned
  • IT POC has been added to Handshake with Manage SSO Permission
IT Setting Up
  • IT POC is in Handshake and working through SSO School Settings
SSO Setup/Awaiting Approval
  • SSO has been setup but not tested
SSO Approved/Live
  • SSO has been successfully tested with a student account, ready to invite students
Not Using SSO
  • SSO is not being used with Handshake at your institution

Employer Contact Data Stages

Stage Name Description
Not Discussed (no survey or ticket)
  • No one has been added to the importer
Invited to Importer (survey completed / Ticket created)
  • Contact has been added to the importer, but no file received
Initial upload completed / In Review with support
  • Initial contact file uploaded, but changes are needed

Iterating on import with customer

  • In communication about file and making changes
  • Contacts have been uploaded, invalid contacts sent back
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