Opting Out of Directory Information and the Impact to Handshake

Tawnya -

I opted-out of Directory Information sharing with my school. How does that impact my use of Handshake?

We respect student opt-out requests, and we built our system to accommodate students who prefer not to share their basic information with other parties.

As an administrative platform for university career centers, Handshake receives some information from your school, to allow your career center to perform its expected functions. Handshake will not share this information with third parties, including employers, unless you authorize us to do so.

You will still be able to use our service to schedule appointments and sign up for career fairs, however employers and recruiters will not be able to see you when they search for potential candidates.

Keep in mind, when you apply for a job through Handshake, employers will be able to see any information you provide in your resume or application.

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