Handshake Career Services Best Practices

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Here are some tips for career centers on managing Handshake with ease. Follow these and you’ll be a Handshake expert in no time.

When you come across a problem on Handshake, follow these steps for help!

Find an expert in your office:

Have a Subject Matter Expert for different areas or modules of the Handshake platform and celebrate them by making them known throughout the office. Print our our template attached and fill in the relevant Handshake experts for your office so you know who to turn to for advice:

  • Importer ________________
  • Employer/Contact Management ________________
  • Student Approvals ________________
  • School Settings ________________
  • Experiences ________________
  • Appointments _______________
  • Labels ________________

Utilize Training Resources:

Handshake offers a wide variety of helpful resources for different types of learners. Whether you like to read through step-by-step articles, attend webinars, or watch interactive videos, our resources are here to help!

Training CoursesHelp CenterWebinarsSupport Office Hours

Access these resources at support.joinhandshake.com.


Office Training Sessions

We understand that everyone learns differently and that you know how to best teach your office teammates new skills. Take advantage of that and schedule 1:1 or group training sessions to teach key features of Handshake! Some examples of trainings include:

  • Live demos with Power Point materials
  • Circulating summarized information from webinars and support office hours to the rest of your team
  • Creation of in-office training materials specialized for your team’s needs
  • 1:1 sessions with new employees during onboarding

Eyes on the Prize

Handshake can be overwhelming to learn, but don’t worry! Here is some advice from some Handshake veterans:

  • “The key to success is communicating how Handshake helps each student/employer in a unique way” -- Texas Tech University, Rawls College of Business
  • “Enable conversations to be more about the work and less about the tech functionality if you keep a human involved” – Biola University
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