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Understanding the way filter logic works throughout Handshake will help you isolate information more efficiently while getting the most accurate results possible. 

Across Manage Students, Manage Employers, Manage Jobs, Emails, Insights, and more, the filter logic operates the same (with ONE exception: the "Other" sections in Manage Students/Jobs/Employers/Targeted Emails Recipients, addressed at the end of this article). 

Within a Single Filter:

When you select a single filter, say for example School Year, and you choose more than one option within that filter, the logic is "OR". This means the results will pull in any users or items that match either of the options selected. 

In this example for School Year, I've selected Freshman and Sophomore on the Manage Students page, so any student that is listed as a Freshman OR Sophomore will appear in the results.

You can see next to each school year name the total count of students that meet that criteria, and in the list of students, there is a total count of results: 


Across Multiple Filters: 

When you select criteria from 2 or more filters, the logic is "AND".

If we continue the example from above, I've left the School Year filters selected, and I add on the filter for Industry Interest.

Now, the results will only show students that are listed as either Freshman OR Sophomore AND have selected the Industry Interest "Movies, TV, Music". 

We see the total count of students in the Industry Interest filter, with a breakdown of students by School Year: 



The One Exception - Other

The only exception that exists at this time is in the section "Other" for Manage Students/Jobs/Employers/Targeted Emails Recipients. 

These sections could be mistaken for one category, but in truth, each filter is a stand-alone filter, meaning that "AND" logic will apply across each of these options. 

In the below screenshot, Jobs will be identified that are "Remote Allowed" AND "Unpaid Internships", not either one: 



In this example from Targeted Emails Recipients, students will be selected that both have a mobile login AND are identified as an athlete: 


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