Login to Handshake as a Career Services Staff Member

Tawnya -

If you are new to Handshake or the career services office and need an account you will need to:

  1. Go to your school's Handshake login page
  2. Try typing your university email address into the Handshake login
  3. If your email is recognized, Click Login using Email and Password
  4. If your email address was not recognized, reach out to another member of your team or your Handshake account manager to get an account setup 
  5. Click Forgot your password?
  6. Follow the instructions in your email to reset your password 
  7. Go back to your school's Handshake login page
  8. Enter your email address
  9. Click Login using Email and Password


Note: If you work in the career services office and you would like to change the language of your university sign in button you can submit a request with the exact language you would like to your account manager.
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