Student Activity Snapshot and Driving Engagement

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We have two tools that can help you better understand student engagement within Handshake: the Student Activity Snapshot and our Student Engagement dashboard in Insights. Check out this article for more information: Dashboard: Student Engagement

Student Activity Snapshot

The Student Success Snapshot is located on your homepage and is a great way to drive student engagement on campus. It makes it easier to track web logins, mobile logins, profile completion and campus profiles. A brief explanation of each field is included within the snapshot, and more details on the calculations are included below the example screenshot.

To navigate to the snapshot:

1. Select the Home option in the left navigation bar, at the top of the list. 

2. You will then see the snapshot at the top of the news feed. 



Calculation details

Note: Each percentage excludes anyone marked as alumni of your school

Web Logins: Percent of students (excluding alumni) who have logged into Handshake. (via a web browser on a computer or mobile device)

This is calculated by number of students that have logged in / total students.

Mobile Logins: Percent of students (excluding alumni) who have logged into the Handshake mobile app. (via iOS or Android)

This is calculated by students logged into app / total students that have logged in.

Profile Completion: Percent of students (excluding alumni) with a complete profile (at least one work experience, organization, and skill).

This is calculated by students that have completed profile / students that have logged in.

Campus Profiles: Percent of students (excluding alumni) that have opted to make their profile public to other students. 

This is calculated by students marked as visible to other students / students that have logged in. 


Driving engagement

With the Student Activity Snapshot, you can help your students explore more relevant opportunities by encouraging them to complete their profiles in appointments and around campus.

For example, you can use this information to dive into the data and monitor for trends, and answer questions like:

  • Are there certain types of students that don’t have complete profiles?
  • Which majors have the highest profile completion?
  • Which school years have the highest profile completion?

You can use filters on the Manage Students page to identify students that you can engage with. 

Web Logins: use activated/not activated under Other filter

Mobile Logins: use has mobile login/has no mobile login under Other filter

Profile Completion: use Profile Completion filter, select complete/incomplete

Once you've selected the desired filters, you can select the checkmarks on the left of the student name, then use the bulk action Send Email to Users


This will allow you to generate a new email to these students. 

Here's an example of what that email could look like: 

Email Template

{uni logo} - recommended size 148X148 pixels (make sure to resize this outside of Handshake)

Hello {student first name},

Finding a job and building a career can be daunting. Whether you’re looking for an internship, full-time job or don’t know where to begin, the {career center name} is here to help.

We have partnered with Handshake to help you discover employers and opportunities, submit applications, and attend career fairs and other events.

We've already setup an account for you, but completing your profile can increase your chances of being viewed by an employer by 5 times! What is a complete profile?

  • Work experience - employers want to know about your prior experiences. Share where you’ve worked or interned before, even part-time or volunteering.
  • Skill - Showcase the top skills you're learning to stand out. What makes you a great fit for certain roles? List out a few and keep adding as you build more.
  • Organization - Hiring decisions aren't just about your skills and experiences. Are you involved in a campus organization, club, fraternity/sorority, or intramural teams? Recruiters want to know what you're passionate about.

Complete your Profile{link to your university handshake page}

~ {Sign off}

{Career Center}



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