How to View a Student's Profile

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You may want to view a student's profile to help them view their current progress, attach a label, help them complete their profile and much more.

To view a student's profile as an administrator you can follow these steps:

  • Click Manage from the left hand navigation bar


  • Select the student you are looking for by searching for their name in the Search bar or narrowing your search by using one or more of the filters at the top of the page (Ex. Labels, Major and Skill). The hamburger icon to the far right of the student’s name allows you to directly view their profile as the user, edit their profile and any attached documents.
  • Click on a student's name to open their profile

  • As a career services staff member you have the ability to:
    • View recent actions on a student’s profile such as:
        • Number of logins this week
        • Number of applications this month (indicated as ‘recent applications’)
        • Number of events this month
    • Edit the student’s data: Click the pencil icon located next to each section of student data to edit it. The student will be notified via email of any changes to their profile.
    • Perform the actions listed: View this article for more information.
    • View the student's account information (username, auth identifier, email): Click Account on the top right tabs
    • View and review the student’s documents: Click Documents on the top right tabs. As a career services staff member you can view all public and private documents.
    • View a history of the student’s previous appointments and notes: Click Student Record on the top right tabs
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