About the Student Activity Dashboard

Tawnya -

If you are interested in viewing all student touch points in Handshake you can use the Student Activity Dashboard. 

  1. Find the student you are looking for in the Manage Students section
  2. Click View Activity Snapshot (located in the Actions section)
  3. This will present the following information: 
    1. Student Details: First Name, Last Name, School Year, Email, Username, Card ID, College Names, Major Names and Labels
    2. Last Login Date
    3. Total Logins
    4. Documents and details
    5. General Notes
    6. Appointment Notes
    7. Location Interests
    8. Industry Interests
    9. Graduation Program Goals
    10. Personal Goals
    11. Job Function Interests 
    12. Career Cluster Interests
    13. Post-Graduation Goals
    14. Applications Submitted
    15. Interview Application Statuses
    16. Event Attendance
    17. Career Fair Attendance

NOTE: The link to the student activity dashboard will open in a new tab so to get back to the manage students section you should click back to your previous tab! Screen_Shot_2017-07-26_at_8.40.39_AM.png


You can also get to the student activity dashboard by:

  1. Open a student appointment
  2. Click Student Activity




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