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This article highlights how you can proactively approve an Employer on Handshake -and notify them so that they can post opportunities for your students!

Please note: If you're proactively approving, it does not send a notification to the company (unless you accompany that with an email to the public POC or a comment on the approval) When universities connect with employers this way, the employer will not be notified when they are approved. Check out the process for notifying at the bottom of this article.


Proactively Approve:

  1. Start by selecting Employers on the left side navigation bar.  You will then be directed to Your Employers. In the top right corner, click on Find Employers:

  2. This method provides a list in alphabetical order of all employers on Handshake, indicates whether or not the company is public or private and if your university has connected with them yet.
  3. You can search for the name of the employer, as well as using a variety of different criteria such as location, size and type of industry. Search for the employer you would like to connect with and click on their name to continue. Setup a Saved Search if you like! 

  4. Once you search their name, you are able to view and add notes, pin items, contact staff members that are on Handshake, and more.

    Check if employer is already approved at your University based on the status indication on the right:


Click on the Employer you'd like to approve. To approve this employer, scroll down until you see the box below. Select "approve this employer" to adjust the roles and save the approval:

From here you can choose what roles to assign the employer, see their trust score and their relationships with other universities on Handshake, and assign them to a particular staff member. Once you have chosen the employer’s desired roles, you can click the Save Approved, or you can click the Save Approved & View Next to view another employer you have not yet connected with.

Notify the Employer - let them know you've approved them!

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to email the public POCs/contacts listed on the company profile in order for them to receive a notification of the approval. Any POCs that are listed on the overview page have indicated their profiles as "public"

Below is an example email you might send to these contacts:


Hi there!

{Insert school name} is excited to join the Handshake network - we look forward to connecting with you with our top talent! We value your campus partnership, and have provisioned your company with the following roles:

  • {default approval roles here}

If you don't see our school in the list- don't forget to check out how to add our school to your view!

Please keep the following guidelines in mind as you engage with {insert school name} students and alumni {insert posting guidelines here}

Let us know if you have any additional questions

 Thank you,

{Employer Relations team contact}" 


Best Practice: You might also want to add a label to the account - as a way to track which employers you've pre-approved. This also enables you to follow up with them later.



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