Notifications Sent Regardless of Preferences

Tawnya -

There are some notifications in Handshake that will be sent regardless of the preferences that are chosen in the User Settings. Listed below are the emails that are sent to students, career services and employers no matter what notification preferences are selected. 

Attendee Welcome Email

Application Package Email

Harassment Report

Edit Student Profile Notification

Interview Application Period Finished

Interview Application Period Started

Interview Converted to Open

Interview Employer Reminder

Interview in Alternate Signup Period

Interview Packet

Interview Schedule Approved

Interview Schedule Cancelled

Interview Signup Period Finished

Interviews Finished

Posting Expired Warning

Postings Expired Summary

Recommended Jobs Digest

Appointment Notification

Charge Failed

Charge Receipt

Charge Refund

Contact Invitation

Staff Approval Request

Evaluation Request

Internship Approval Halt

Internship Approval Request

Internship Approved

Interview Schedule Approved

Invite Email

Invoice Report

New Message Email

New Registration Email

Password Change

Password Reset

Reactivation Request

Registration Email

Employer Merge

Employer Welcome to School

First Destination Survey Email

First Destination Survey Reminder

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