Connecting Employer Users With Their Company

Tawnya -

In an effort to reduce fraudulent activity in the system we have removed the ability to invite employer users directly from the employer staff management page. You can still be proactive about getting employer users connected to their companies by following the steps below and adding employer users by email on the staff management page. 


  1. You have two options for inviting employer contacts to connect with your institution
    1. Use the invite link from the Contact overview page - Recommended Option
    2. Copy the employer invitation link from the school settings page
  2. Once you have sent this out to your contacts they will receive an email asking them to join Handshake and connect with or create their company profile
    1. Using option (1) above will generate invitation emails from Handshake
    2. Using option (2) will allow you to create your own employer contact invitation emails
  3. If you are inviting a small number of contacts to join the system we recommend leaving a note with a reminder for about a week in the future to check and see if the contact was able to get connected with their company
    1. Open one of the contacts you have invited to join Handshake
    2. Click View and Add Notes
    3. Enter a note reminding yourself to check back on the contacts user status in about one week and add a reminder date so you get a notification in Handshake! 
    4. Click Add Note
  4. On that date go back into your contact list search for the contact or contacts you invited and filter by User Status
  5. This will allow you to see if your contact has a pending, active or has no user status. You will want to reach out with different language depending on the user status of the contact. 
    1. View this article to see the possible language to use for each contact status.




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