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The contacts section is a place for your to manage all of your employer relationships, even with staff members that do not have a Handshake account.

To add a contact in your Handshake system: 

1. Click Contacts in the left navigation bar, and select New Contact in the upper right corner of the page: 


2. Enter the information about this new contact in Handshake. You will be able to invite this contact to create their own account in Handshake after it's created. Until they create an account, you can use their contact information to keep them up to date on university information and recruiting calendars.

You'll be able to enter the following fields for the new contact: 

  • Assigned to: (select an existing university staff member from the dropdown)
  • *Email address
  • *First name
  • Last name
  • Title
  • Employer 
  • *Location
  • Phone (this is a free text field, format as desired)
  • Cell phone (this is a free text field, format as desired)
  • Fax
  • Description
  • Alum graduation year
  • Recruiting interests

*Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

Once the required fields are completed, click on the green button Create Contact in the lower right of the page.

You can invite an employer to join Handshake one of two ways, either a standard invite or a custom invite.
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