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Framework for Events on Campus

Mark Macdonald - BYU Hawaii - Alumni & Career Services Director


Create Buzz

“The Handshake Games”

  • 22 majors across the university form teams -- 1 Team Captain chosen from each, by faculty
  • Captains invite others from their major to join their team -- teams double in size each week for 7 weeks
  • Invitations come only from peers; the Career Center says nothing about Handshake to non-participants, continues using Symplicity
  • Teams/participants earn points by
    • Attending weekly meetings
    • Posting photos to social media with the yellow hand chair
    • Winning challenges
  • Final event on June 2 for grand prizes


Final Event - 3 Games

  • “Interview” Dodgeball
  • “Ready, Aim, Fire” (Modified KanJam)
    • Players stood in the middle of the court, which was divided into quadrants with yellow tape
    • Upon a prompt, players had to throw a Hershey Kiss into a bucket within the quadrant labeled either, Explore, Attend, Plan, or Engage (which correspond to functional areas of Handshake) before the words “ready, aim, fire” were completely said.
    • Players scored points for guessing the correct quadrant, more for hitting the can within it, and lots for making the shot into the can.
  • “Hiring Day”
    • Participants were divided into two groups, “students” and “recruiters”, and separated on opposite ends of the court.
    • Matching slips of paper with job functions written on them were dropped from the rafters above both groups.
    • Participants had to get a role, find their corresponding partner, complete a challenge and then three-legged race to a finish line.

Lesson Learned: Memorable experiences need to be backed by real value and authoritative endorsements (i.e. from faculty)

Get Buy-in


Get Buy-in


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