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Tawnya -

If you are interested in increasing response rates for your First Destination Survey by using the First Destination Survey check-in kiosk please follow these instructions.

  1. Open your First Destination Survey
  2. Before you launch the kiosk make sure:
    1. The survey is published: you will not be able to launch the kiosk if your survey is in a drafting state
      1. Publish_Survey.png
    2. Students have been added: only students added to the survey will be able to submit responses via the kiosk
  3. Click Kiosk Mode
  4. Enter a custom Kiosk Message that highlights what is expected of the student when submitting a response
    1. Example: Please fill in your first destination survey and then show a staff member the confirmation page to pick up your cap and gown.
  5. Click Open Kiosk Mode
    1. If you are opening this where students will be submitting responses on their own do not use the Keep me logged in button
  6. Once you launch the kiosk you will see a screen like the one below
  7. Custom_kiosk_Message.png
  8. Students can enter their email address, username or swipe their card id to complete their response
  9. Students will see the following pages depending on their status
    1. Student with no response submitted
      1. First_page_logged_out_view.png
    2. Student with an existing response
    3. Student with an in progress response
    4. Student that isn't added to the survey and student doesn't exist at your school
      1. No_Survey_Found_for_user.png
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