Best Practices: Add a Comment on Job and Employer Approvals

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Whenever you're running through the pending queue of Employers or Job Postings and either:

  • Don't feel like you have enough information to approve
  • Want to ensure that you're communicating your employer guidelines efficiently

You can always use the comment feature to notify the employer or request more information.

You can use the comment option on either an individual job posting or an overall company approval. This article will outline how to add a comment and a few example canned responses you can send.

How to Add a Comment:

Navigate to the Job or Employer Approvals view:




 Select a posting or company:


  Review the details - if you determine that you:

  • Need more more information about the employer
  • Want to share your employer guidelines
  • Want to provide reasoning why you're declining

You can then add a comment like this (formatting to your needs and titles, of course)


Select the Add Comment button:



This will also send a notification to the Employer who requested approved, similar to this:



The comment will then display in the comment log, along with any follow ups from the Employer:



One thing to note:

In order to receive updates when an employer comments back on this approval page, you will have to set an "assigned to" for a Career Services staff member. This staff member will then see updates that come through the notifications queue at the top of the page.

Viewing Employer Comments on Job and Employer Approvals

If you receive notification that an employer has commented on a job or employer approval, you can click on the link in the notification to pull up that specific job posting or company profile page. On the page, you'll see a section with a small arrow pointing down: 


You'll need to click on this arrow in order to expand the section and view the comment history: 



Example "Canned" Comments:

Keep in mind, these are only templates - tailor this copy the needs and high priority workflows of your university.


Approved + acknowledgement of posting guidelines

Thank you for your interest in recruiting our top talent at {insert school name} We look forward to connecting with you! We value your campus partnership, and have provisioned your company with the following roles:

{default approval roles here}

Please keep the following guidelines in mind as you engage with {insert school name} students and alumni {insert posting guidelines here}

Let us know if you have any additional questions

Thank you,

{Employer Relations team contact}


Missing profile information:

Thank you for your interest in recruiting our top talent at the {insert school name} We require a few things before approving a company registration in Handshake at {school name}. 

  1. An email address associated with your employer/organization website domain (no Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc). Individual contact names and email addresses should match whenever appropriate. 
  2. A functioning website that clearly relates to your employer/organization and contains helpful information about your company for the potential applicant; website should not be in a pre-launch/beta phase nor contain "coming soon" language. 
  3. Social media websites (Facebook pages, blogs, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn pages, etc.) should not take the place of a company website. 
  4. An employer/organization address that is easily identifiable as a place of business

When you are able to provide each of these, we're happy to revisit your registration in Handshake @ {school name} 

Thank you,

{Employer Relations team contact}


Does not align with university posting guidelines:

Thank you for your interest in recruiting our top talent at the {insert school name}.

Given our mission to {insert mission here (help students find meaningful careers) ,etc} our office can only approve postings that adhere to {include employer/institutional job posting guidelines or link here} and cannot approve your posting/company at this time.


Let us know if you have any additional questions,

Thank you,

{Employer Relations team contact}


Didn't have a chance to approve job before posting expired:

Typically you'll want to get to Employer approvals within ~1 week, and should absolutely approve postings before your student launch date. However, even with all of that, the employer volume can be quite high during the first few weeks after your employer launch. Use this template to buy  time without damaging any new employer relationships:

Hi there!

We're so glad that you requested to connect and post your position @ {school name}

We haven't had a chance to approve your posting yet because we're focusing much of our efforts on  student launch date on {student launch date here} We want to ensure that students have the best possible experience on Handshake, and are confident this will in turn drive application rates to your future positions.

For now, we are going to decline this expired position while we work through our queue of pending postings, but please keep us in mind for your next open posting.

Let us know if you have any additional questions,

Thank you,

{Employer Relations team contact}


Others Ideas?

Do you have different canned responses that you use to build employer relationships? Share and leverage tips from 500+ university partners in our Handshake Community!


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