SSO Setup Guides: SAML Configuration

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Step 1. Download Handshake's Metadata

If you are on InCommon, you should already have our metadata (reference here).

If you are not on InCommon, you can download a copy here.


Step 2: Configure Your SAML Service

Handshake's entityID is:
Handshake's AssertionConsumerService Post URL is:

Attribute or NameID Suggestions

RequestedAttribute: FriendlyName="eduPersonPrincipalName"
Requested Format: NameFormat="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:attrname-format:uri"

The attribute or NameID you specify should return a value matching the format of the auth_identifier field from your student syncs. Also you should specify this value, either a NameID OR an attribute, in your Handshake SSO Preferences (after step 4 HERE), but not both.


Step 3: Login to Handshake to Setup SSO

Setting SSO up on Handshake is self-service! After your career services admin has added you to Handshake you can begin SSO Setup and Testing.


More Questions?

Reach out to our Support Team.

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