SSO Setup Guides: In-App Setup and Testing

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NoteYou will need a staff account to configure SSO. Please reach out to your career services department to request an account with the role of "Manage SSO Settings".


1. Check Your Permissions

You need the permission "Manage SSO Settings" on your user profile in order to setup and administer SSO on Handshake.


2. Select "SSO Preferences"

In your school's settings, you should see "SSO Preferences at the bottom, click this!


3. Choose Your SSO Type

Select your SSO type from the drop down and proceed to the CAS SetupSAML Setup, or LDAP Setup setup pages for further configuration.


4. Set Basics

Always try to import the configuration from your metadata (If using SAML)!

This helps to ensure the correct information is entered.


5. Testing Your SSO Login

While testing SSO be sure you are in "test" mode, this will give you more detailed error messages as well as hide SSO as an option from users until you enter "production" mode.

You can test your login by going to the URL provided.

No students will see the SSO login prompt until you have moved into "production" mode. Do not share the SSO test URL unless you are testing.


6. Testing After Students Have Been Imported

Typically SSO is setup before students are imported and it is required to test SSO login after students have been imported to ensure a great student experience.

After you have imported students, please ensure you have a few real students try to login with SSO; they should not have to set anything up after successfully authenticating.

Please contact Support if you have any trouble here!

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