SSO Setup Guides: LDAP Configuration

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Step 1: Login to Handshake to Setup LDAP

Setting SSO up on Handshake is self-service! After your career services admin has added you to Handshake you can begin the SSO Setup and Testing.

Contact support to have your team's LDAP server IP whitelisted

*This step must be done before proceeding to test or logins will fail. At this time we only support a single Hostname (or IP) in your SSO Preferences, but can whitelist all IP's associated with that host on the backend. You can reach out to support here and ask to have your team's LDAP server IP(s) whitelisted.  

**This whitelist process can take up to 48 hours from time of request, so please submit this request as soon as you've confirmed your LDAP server host.

Additional Notes: 
-We can whitelist multiple IP's on the backend if necessary, but these must align with the single "Host" value in your Handshake SSO Preferences (Screenshot below).

-If you have multiple IP's for your LDAP server, please provide a hostname that uses all of these, or narrow down your configuration to a single IP.

LDAP Host Field Found in Your Handshake SSO Preferences:


You should also whitelist both of Handshake's IPs on your end for this to align:


More Questions?

See our Frequently Asked Questions or reach out to our support.

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