Dashboard: Peer Messaging

Tawnya -

With the introduction of Peer Messaging, we wanted to allow our University Partners the ability to better understand the messages being sent between students/Alumni. This dashboard captures helpful data on both the senders and recipients! 

You’ll be able to access the Peer Messaging Dashboard by clicking on Analytics from the left menu column in Handshake, then select the Peer Messaging option in the lower right: 



The first two reporting blocks will show: 

Profile Visibility: of the students at your school with the Community privacy option selected, these are the profile visibility designations 

Within/Outside My Institution: Of the messages sent, this is the breakdown of recipients at your school vs outside your school


The second set of reporting blocks show: 

Request Reasons: the percentage breakdown of reasons selected for messaging

Read/Accepted/Replied: the percentage breakdown of read/accepted/replied rate


The third set of reporting blocks show the school year percentage breakdown of both Senders and Recipients. 


The last section on the page will show the distinct count of messages sent and received per Major. 


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