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**This page is being used as a temporary home for our training videos as we transition from our old TalentLMS training portal.  More details to come on a new home for Handshake training later in 2020!**

Learning a new platform can often difficult and overwhelming. At Handshake, we strive to make using Handshake as user-friendly, yet effective, as possible. With that said, here are some training videos that you can view to understand the essential features within Handshake that you might be using on a day-to-day basis. 


Set-up & Configuration Training Videos:

Career Services View & Navigating Handshake: Review of Handshake’s layout and navigation, rundown of user settings, and an introduction to all Handshake resources. This is the first step in understanding how Handshake works. 

Creating Career Services, Student & Employer Accounts: Step-by-step process of creating Career Services, Student & Employer accounts. Learn how to create accounts for your colleagues and student and employer accounts for testing purposes. 

Handshake Importer Training Video: Introduction to Importer, how to gain access to the tool, creating and uploading a file to the Importer, and reviewing errors in uploaded files. Watch this video before you request for access to the Importer. 

Career Centers in Handshake: Career Center setup, Career Center permissions, editing Career Centers, using Career Centers for events/fairs and interview schedules. Career Centers are useful if you have a distributed campus. Watch this video to learn how to get this feature activated in your platform. 

Configuring your Basic School Setting: Details of School Settings, rundown of Public Staff List, Employer Approval Preferences, Payment Preferences, and SSO Preferences. Learn how to access your basic school settings that you must complete before launching. 

Two Way Calendar Sync: Introduction to Two Way Calendar Sync feature. Integrate your school’s calendar with Handshake’s calendar to keep appointments up-to-date on your calendar. 

Reporting OverviewThis course will walk you through how to access Handshake's reporting features and a high-level overview of how to access and use them.

Reporting: Additional Resources

For an even deeper dive into Handshake reporting and examples, please visit our webinar recording.

Check out the "Reporting" section of our Help Center, which includes links for several common reports! 

Employer Features Training Videos: 

Importing & Managing Contacts: Creating and formatting Contact file, review Contacts tab, Employer Approval Preferences, and inviting your Employers. This is a crucial step in inviting your Employers to connect with you on Handshake. 

On Campus Employment Options & Set-up: Review Employer Roles, Company vs. Division models, configure a Company model or a Division model, and setup Work Study. This will assist you in understanding which model your school needs to manage on-campus employment. 

Fraudulent Employers: This video will walk you through how to spot and flag
fraudulent employers on Handshake. Please note that this video was recorded with a legacy view. Your view in Handshake may look different now, but the tips are still accurate! 

Employer Approval Preferences: Learn how to customize default employer approval preferences (located in your school settings). 

Employer Posted Jobs: This walks you through the process that an employer goes through to post a position on Handshake. 

Editing a Job Posting: Review options to edit job postings and duplicate a job posting. 

Approve a Job: Learn about how to approve a job in Handshake. Please note that this video was recorded with a legacy view. Your view in Handshake may look different now, but the tips are still accurate!

Jobs Across Distributed CampusesUnderstand how to know if your school uses multiple Career Centers, create a saved job search, then set it as your default search.

Employer Requested Interview SchedulesUnderstand the process for an employer requesting an on campus interview and learn a couple tips for troubleshooting why an employer is unable to request an interview schedule. 

Approve and Build Interview Schedules: This will walk you through how to approve and build an interview schedule. 

Interview GroupsUnderstand how to assign candidates into different groups, how to assign interview slots to different groups, how a candidate takes a slot within an interview group.

Complex Interview Schedule Part 1: Review the process for building out a complex schedule template and understand the best practices for slot management on a complex schedule. 

Complex Interview Schedule Part 2Review the process for building out a complex schedule template and understand the best practices for slot management on a complex schedule. 


Student Features Training Videos: 

Managing Students: A thorough review of Manage Students tab, Incoming Student Requests, Student Profile, and Student Engagement Reporting. Gain mastery in managing your students efficiently and effectively. 

Event Management: Creating an Event, review Invite Only vs. Qualifications, and sharing Events with Students. Learn how to create and inform students about the events happening at your school! 

Creating a Career Fair: Thorough rundown of the process of creating a Career Fair. Manage both students and employers from your Handshake Career Service account.

Interview Schedule Settings: Review Interview Schedule Settings. Manage interviews in your school using this feature. 

Surveys: Creating a Survey and inviting Students to take the Survey. Get feedback from your students using this Handshake feature. 

First Destination Survey: Review the Survey from a Student Demo, setting up the First Destination Survey, reporting Features, best practices, and resources. Learn how you can benefit by using this feature and gain insights on what your students are doing after graduation.

Appointment Qualifications: Learn how to create an appointment type, qualify certain students for that appointment type, then add the appointment type to your user profile.

Approving AppointmentsUnderstand the workflow for approving an appointment and the different actions that can be taken from the appointment details page. 

Drop In Appointments Overview: Learn about the process for opening a check in kiosk and understand how a student checks in for a drop in appointment. 

Manage Interview Schedule ApplicantsUnderstand how to choose primary and alternate candidates on a preselect interview schedule, the process for a student taking a slot, and how to manually add students to a slot. 

Student Slots on a Complex Interview ScheduleUnderstand what a student sees when assigned to a group, how a student takes a slot on a complex schedule, and how a student can request to swap slots with another student.

Experiences Setup, Management, & Best Practices: This course will walk you through how to create and manage experiences on Handshake. Click here for Experiences additional resources.

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