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When it comes to the job search, many students have an idea of what they don’t want or feelings around what they want, but may be lacking the vocabulary to clearly define what it is they’re looking for. Since most job products (ours included) require this vocabulary to be in place to search and find a job, this results in a gap between what a student knows during an initial job search and the wealth of information and opportunities we have on Handshake.

As we guide students towards finding the right role for them, we can close this gap by helping build up this vocabulary. We’ll begin by building job role pages.

Our team identified over 350 Job Role groups using resources such as Career Interests, user research, majors, and data coverage of job details. This field is required on all job postings moving forward, so you'll be able to see Job Roles included in job search results. 

*Job Roles will also be incorporated into job digest emails and job search alert emails.


Job Role Group Pages

Finding information about specific roles only really exists via the Bureau of Labor Statistics, random searches, or knowing someone in a particular role and understanding what they do.

These pages will help students understand what roles are out there and, more importantly, how a role might be perfect for them.

If you'd like to browse roles, click on "Career Paths" from your home page:


To view a specific Job Role Group Page, simply search for the desired role in the search bar at the top of Handshake: 


In this search, you'll see I pulled up two Job Role Groups: Accountants (General) and Tax Accountants and Preparers in Roles.

To view more information on the Job Role, simply click the desired search result: 


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