The Employer Onboarding Process

Mallory Wheaton -

Once you Invite Contacts to Become Users, your employer contacts will get emails to log onto Handshake, create profiles if they have not already and connect with your school.  Here is what that process looks like for an employer!  


If the contact already has a user account:

  1. They will receive this email, and should click the Log In link: Screen_Shot_2017-05-12_at_3.18.14_PM.png
  2. They'll be asked to log into their Handshake account:Screen_Shot_2017-03-23_at_9.20.10_AM.png
  3. We'll ask that they confirm their employer information: Screen_Shot_2017-03-23_at_9.21.11_AM.png
  4. We'll remind them of our employer guidelines:Screen_Shot_2017-03-23_at_9.22.04_AM.png
  5. They'll be taken to your homepage where they will be auto-approved to recruit at your school:Screen_Shot_2017-03-23_at_9.23.43_AM.png

If the contact does NOT already have a user account:

  1. They will receive this email, and should click the Get Started link:Screen_Shot_2017-03-23_at_9.25.59_AM.png
  2. We'll ask them to sign up as an employer:Screen_Shot_2017-03-23_at_9.26.40_AM.png
  3. We'll ask what kinds of recruits they are looking for, and ask them to select their Alma Mater (their alma mater will also receive them as a kickoff!)Screen_Shot_2017-03-23_at_9.27.47_AM.png
  4. We'll ask that they acknowledge our employer guidelines, and indicate if they are a third party recruiter:Screen_Shot_2017-03-23_at_9.28.02_AM.png
  5. We take a look at their email domain, and will match them to a potential company.  They should click Request to join at their company:Screen_Shot_2017-03-23_at_9.28.37_AM.png
  6. If we don't recognize their email domain, we'll ask them to search for or create their company. Screen_Shot_2017-03-23_at_9.38.56_AM.png
  7. We'll ask them to connect with schools (your school will be pre-selected!)Screen_Shot_2017-03-23_at_9.30.02_AM.png
  8. An approving staff member will receive an email to approve the new staff member on Handshake and will need to approve them as a contact within their employer staff management. 
  9. Employers can then manually add staff members the staff member going to Edit Company > Staff Management > Add user by email.  Screen_Shot_2017-03-23_at_2.30.56_PM.png
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