How to Send an Email to Job Contacts

Ashley Cardinale -

Handshake now allows you to generate a mass email to Contacts or Creators from the Jobs postings index page. 

1. From the navigation bar, select Jobs

2. Here, you can select the job or jobs that you would like to include in this mass email. To make your selections, check the check box next to each desired job posting. Note: if you would like to send a mass email for all job postings use the very top check box next to 'Send Email to Students About Jobs'. 

3. From the More drop-down, select Mass Email Contacts or Creators

4. Select the desired recipients of the mass email and click the 'Next...' button

  • Creator: User who posted the job
  • Contacts: Any contacts on the job posting

5. When you are ready to generate the mass email, click Confirm 

6. You will then be directed to the mass email page to review and finalize the finishing touches of the mass email 


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