How do I add (upload) a new document?

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2 Minute Training: How to Upload a New Document

Need to upload documents for job applications?  Follow the steps below and you’ll be good to go.  Note that some positions in Handshake require you to include documents as part of the application. 

To upload a new document:

  • Click My Profile or Documents on the Left Hand Navigation Bar.

  • Click the Manage Documents page on the right side of your profile


  • Click New Document in the upper right corner of Your Documents.
  • Complete the New Document form.Uploaded documents can be resumes, cover letters, transcripts, or work samples.
    • Files should be in .PDF, .DOC, or .DOCX format.  Note: The preferred format is .PDF.  Handshake will automatically attempt to convert any .DOC or .DOCX format into .PDF. You will need to review and approve the converted .PDF version of your document prior to using it apply for a job.  
    • Check the Public? checkbox if you would like your document to be able to be found and viewed by employers on Handshake or your school’s Career Services Center.  If you want to keep the document part of your private document library, or if you’re uploading it for use in a particular job application, the checkbox should remain unmarked. To learn more about the difference between Public and Private documents, read What is the difference between a private and public document?  
    • Select Create Document when the form is complete.

You’ll now be able to see your document in Your Documents and you will have the ability to build your profile from this document! 

To learn more about how to edit or delete a document read 
How do I edit or delete a document? 

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