How to Add Divisions to Your Company

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Important Note: You must be the Owner or an Administrator in your company on Handshake in order to add Divisions. 

This article will provide an overview of how Handshake deals with company divisions, and will go over how to add a division and then how to filter by company division or jobs division. It's important to note that divisions currently exist only as names in the system. There is not any way to add separate branding (website, logo, etc.) to a division. 

Note: There needs to be a minimum of at least 2 divisions in a company profile for the divisions to populate. If you do not have a second division available, we would recommend adding a filler division, which you could name (for example) "filler" or "extra". 

To add a company division:

  1. Click on Company Profile on the left side navigation bar, and you’ll be directed to your company’s page
  2. Click Edit  towards the right of this page to be taken to your company settings (you can also get to this page by simply clicking your name in the top right corner and selecting Company Settings from the drop-down menu)

  3. Click Divisions towards the left-hand side
  4. From here, click into the Divisions name box and type your division, Click on Add to add this division to your company. 

  • Helpful Tips: 
    • Entering a Division code is completely optional 
    • There is not a way to rename or edit divisions once they have been created. However, you can delete a division by clicking on the small "x" located all the way to the right of the corresponding division's row. 

Once you add a division, you’ll be able to easily associate a job with any division when creating/posting a job. This option will be found on the Basics page when creating or editing your job posting. 

You’ll also be able to filter by Divisions on your Jobs page. To do this, click on Divisions from the top toolbar and select which division you'd like to filter your view by. 



Please note: You will not be able to delete a Division that is linked to a job posting or career fair registration:


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