How to Track Your Experience

Shelby Marter -

If you've submitted an Experience through Handshake, you can use this article to check the status of your Experience as it moves through the approval process!


Navigate to your Experience

Select Career Center in the top navigation and choose Experiences from the drop down menu:



This will direct you to a list of your Experiences. Select View Details to see more information



Explore the details

Once you've navigated to a particular Experience, you can explore the details to understand the status. You'll be able to find most relevant information on the Details page.

This includes your details, the Job information, or your Employer contact information - all based on information you entered into Handshake when you requested the Experience:



To track your Experience through the Approval process, scroll down to the Approvers section:



Here you can see the name, title, contact, and status for each of the approvers that are connected to your experience.

While we recommend checking with your school's specific internship processes and guidelines, you can see the status for each individual, and have the opportunity to reach out to these approvers if a deadline is soon approaching. 

For any additional questions, reach out to your school's Career Services office!


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