Safety: Login From a New Device Notification

Tawnya -

Your safety on Handshake is of the utmost importance to us, so we have created a notification that will be sent when there is a login on your account that raises concern. 

When you login to your Handshake account, we recognize your IP address, the device you're using, and the operating system and browser version. If there are changes to those aspects of your login (a change in browser or device, or a change to your IP address) at your next login, then we will send an email notification to your account email. 

The email message received will display the following content: 

Subject: New Handshake Sign-In Detected


Hi [name],

We detected an unfamiliar sign-in to your Handshake account near [location - city, country].

If this was you, no action is needed.

If you don’t recognize the sign-in and believe someone else may have accessed your account, please change your password now [link to password reset flow].


Handshake Trust and Safety

Handshake will never ask for sign-in credentials or personal payment through email. If you receive an email requesting these or containing unusual phrases, spelling, or grammar, please don’t click on any links or reply. Forward any suspicious emails to

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