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Handshake is introducing a new timeline view of Interview Schedules to allow you to better target your interactions with employers and students. If you select Interview Schedules from the left hand menu, you will see a view similar to this:


At the top of the page, you will see the dates, with how many rooms are available each day. You can manage your room availability per day, and can find steps on how to do so here. 


You can filter your view of the interview schedules by choosing Filter, and the selecting the filter you'd like to use. 


You can also customize your view of the schedules, in addition to using filters, by viewing by status. You can see your pending interview schedules (Requests), Approved, Other (such as declined), and of course, All


If you'd like to sort your view based on the timeline status of the interview schedules, you can certainly do that as well. Simply select the timeline you'd like to see, and all interview schedules within that timeline period will populate in your search. For example, you can select Sign Up to see all schedules that are now allowing students to take a slot.


You have the ability to download all the interview schedule information into a .csv file by selecting Download

You can also take some bulk actions on your search results, by selecting Bulk Actions on All Results. Here you can

  • Add a label
  • Remove a label
  • Send an email to the contacts or requester on the schedule
  • Send an email to students about the interview or interviews
  • Print the interview packets for the schedule



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