About Students Taking More Than One Slot on an Interview Schedule

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A student will only be able to sign themselves up for one slot, however you can add them to a second slot as a career services user. We highly recommend against assigning a student to more than one slot. To see which students need assistance signing up for more than one slot view this report.
  • If this is a situation where only one student on the schedule needs to be added to two slots (rather than a higher number of students), we recommend extending one slot on the schedule to be the time allocation of two slots, a "super slot".
    • For example, if the schedule has 30 minute interview slots but the employer would like to see one student for two of those slots, make one slot 60 minutes and add that student to that particular slot.
    • Advise the student that they cannot request a swap slot with another student since the time allocation of those slots will not align.
  • If all students on the schedule are seeing two different interviewers, we would recommend you set up a "flip flop" or "back to back" schedule for all slots, this article will walk you through this: https://support.joinhandshake.com/hc/en-us/articles/115007004948
    • In this example, all students select one slot but meet with two different interviewers. 
    • This setup allows you to print interview packets per interview, which makes it easier for the employer interviewers to have materials aligned with their schedule of students.
  • If you MUST assign a student to more than one slot, a career services user can go to the interview schedule, choose the second slot and assign the student.
    • The student will see their two slots if they go to the interview schedule from their application:
  • A student who is in two slots on the interview schedule will only be able to check themselves into one slot. As a career services user, you will have to manually mark the student "checked in" on the second slot. In demo, I checked Devon in twice but only the first slot shows him as checked in:
  • Slot swapping (a feature we have consistently heard from a majority of schools is a favorite) is nearly impossible with one student in two slots or one student in a super slot (twice as long as others on the interview schedule). You could imagine with the combination of interview schedule groups, multiple jobs on an interview, and assigning jobs to slots on an interview schedule this gets to be very complex. 
    • If a student in two slots tries to swap slots with someone else, the system will not ask them which one they are interested in swapping. 
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