Updates to Interview Schedules - July 2017

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  • Can students opt out of interview reminders?
      1. Yes, students can opt out of an interview schedule reminder email. The following are the notification preferences that students can set. Interview reminder is on by default so will only be removed if they opt out.
  • Can we manage how close to the interview students can withdraw their application? 
      1. Students can withdraw their application up until the Sign-Up End Date on the schedule. Once the schedule moves to a Finalized stage they can no longer withdraw their application.
  • Can you still add labels to Interview schedules?
      1. Yes, labels can be added to schedules in the details section or by using the bulk actions.
      2. Bulk actions
      3. Details section


  • For room only interviews can the apply start and apply end be removed?  Also, can the attach a job be removed.
      1. For room only schedules the apply start and end date can’t be removed but it is not required that you have jobs attached to these schedules and you can set the apply start and end dates in the past so students can’t apply to them.
      2. We leave the ability to add jobs and apply start and end dates so that employers can manage their applicants in Handshake if they wish but create the schedule on their own.
  • How do we select the same room for multiple dates for usage, and it reflect that the rooms are reserved?
      1. If an employer is reserving multiple dates they can select them as a part of their request.


  • I have a question about turning a job into a schedule.  When I do this will the applicants come over even if the applicants do not have the label OCR eligible without me having to manually adding each applicant back in?  Would like to bulk move them over.  Very time-consuming.
      1. If you add a job to a schedule and it has existing applicants, those that do not have the label will not be added. You should make sure that all jobs that will be attached to on campus interviews are connected as soon as possible so students without the OCI permission label can’t apply to them.
  • I hope you keep Saved Searches for Jobs & Employers :)
      1. We will be keeping Saved Searches for Jobs & Employers.
  • I've heard of career centers setting things up in Handshake and then letting the On Campus Interview process take care of itself in the system without dedicating a specific staff member to managing OCI, what is the best way to do this? 
      1. The best way to do this is to set up the number of rooms available and then turn on Auto Approval of Interview Schedules for the employers you would like to participate in OCI.
  • I’d like to make it easier to do multiple interviews (i.e. give a student an hour block, but they meet with two interviewers…)
      1. This should be handled by creating an hour block for the student to sign up for and then printing the schedule as back to back for the employer. In the description of the schedule you can list that the student will be meeting with multiple interviewers. 
  • If an employer unsubscribes from campus mail, does this have any effect on reminder notes or are the attach job reminder notes priority?
      1. Employers can unsubscribe from notifications from Handshake and mass emails but those are handled separately. If they unsubscribe from a mass email sent by your office then they will still receive Handshake notifications.
  • If you add a career center to your profile, your name shows on the page as being a contact.  Is there a way to make that private?
      1. Your name will currently show on the career center page as a point of contact and at this time there is not a way to make this private. 
  • In each tab, how are employers automatically filtered? alpha? or interview date?
      1. The interviews are sorted by interview date by default.
  • Let me understand this.  If an employer has multiple jobs and a student wants to apply for 2 out of the 5 jobs, they would only need one interview slot?
      1. The student can only take one interview slot in the schedule even if they apply to multiple.
  • So there is no way to block certain days from the calendar if they are recurring, you have to go in and manually take them out?
      1. Yes, the dates need to be manually blocked out individually.
  • We are a 7C consortium. Will we still be able to filter to see only our interview schedules?
      1. There is not an option to sort interview schedules by host school at this time.
  • When an OCI is set-up with a position attached is there a list of eligible students that comes up that can be emailed about applying for the position?
      1. No, when an OCI is set up there is not a list of students that would qualify for the position but students can search for relevant positions on their side of the profile! If they follow a particular company and that company is interviewing on campus they will be notified.
  • Will there be an update that will include adding a timeslot to a specific room when there are multiple rooms in a schedule? 
      1. Yes, you can always assign jobs to slots and groups to slots by using the bulk actions.
  • "Would it be possible for the “rooms requested” column in the new schedule view for schedules with multiple dates to split out the number of rooms instead of adding them in a total count? For example, if an employer has 1 room on 9/1, 2 rooms on 9/2, and 3 rooms on 9/3, rather than the rooms requested” show the total “6,” display “1/2/3.
      1. We do show the total number of rooms taken per day at the top of the screen to give you a better idea of how many rooms are available per day.
  • Can Handshake work on creating a way for us to bulk select dates to block? (i.e., all Saturdays and Sundays, etc.)
      1. For fall 2017 we will not be building the ability to block days in bulk but we will consider this update for the future. 
  • Can the employer do this themselves or does the career center have to subtract/add the 30 mins? 
      1. The employer can not edit the time of the slots. They can only perform the following actions related to slots.
  • Can those student interview reminders be customized by school settings?
      1. The student selection notification can be customized in the school settings. This will go out when the student can take a slot in a schedule.
  • Can we add 1 job to multiple schedules?
      1. No, jobs can only be linked to one schedule since the apply start and end date of the interview is linked to the job.
  • Do employers have to attach a job if they are doing room only?
      1. No, employers are not required to attach a job to a room only schedule.
  • Do the students receive a notification if the job they applied to is removed from the schedule?
      1. No, they do not, you should reach out to the applicants with the appropriate message as to why the job was removed.
  • How can a student be informed on their own about an OCI for which they are eligible to apply? 
      1. They can use the interview search functionality as well as the job search functionality to find out about on campus interviews they are eligible to apply for.
  • How can an employer request an interview schedule by room (I.e. you have various interview room locations)?
      1. The employer will select how many rooms they would like per date during the request process. 
  • I used a save search for "pending" interview requests....how do I go about seeing those now?
      1. You can see all pending requests in the Requests bucket at the top of the screen.
  • Is there an auto-email that employers receive if they do not have a job attached to a schedule in Pre App? If so, when does the employer receive this message and what does that email include?
      1. An employer receives a reminder 3 days before the apply start date if they have not yet attached a job. You can also use the bulk actions to reach out to requestors and contacts on interview schedules.
  • Non-OCI Schedules? Can one use OCI for non-OCI situations, such as mock interviews, informational interviews?
      1. Yes, but you will still need to attach jobs to the interviews. 
  • Will the new update include the ability for students to decline an interview?
      1. Students will still need to withdraw their applications for interviews if they are not interested in participating in the schedule.
  • Can we now add a timeslot template to a "Room Only" schedule? 
      1. All timeslot templates need to be associated with pre-select.
  • How are you letting employers know about the change to prevent multiple applications?
      1. We will be notifying employers of all updates as well as all career services users. 
  • If I set up an interview schedule for an employer, how can they see it and have access to it?
      1. If you set up an interview schedule for an employer they will see it in their list of interviews.
  • If we have a day when we have MORE interview rooms available than normal, can we change that?
      1. Yes! If you have more rooms available than normal you can add rooms to the date at the top of the screen.
  • If we were to remove a job because an employer changed their mind and remove the applicant, what type of message do student/candidates receive?
      1. The students will not receive a notification that their application was removed from the interview schedule. Their application will still exist on the job but it will no longer be associated with the interview schedule. 
  • Some slots were missing when you switched. What happened to those?
    1. The slots were mixed up due to leaving the breaks out of the update to the slots. If you are adding or subtracting time you will see the slots before and after adjust accordingly but any slots not selected will stay at the same time.
  • How do you add a slot at 8:30 to accommodate additional students if the schedule is only set from 9-11:30 am?
    1. You can add a slot to the schedule at the bottom of the interview schedule. You will then need to update the time of this slot.


  • So the allow multiple applications "no" the default? 
      1. The employer will need to select their preference after they add a second job.


  • Rather than switching the time slots, can an admin or employer just switch a student over to another available interview slot?
    1. Yes, as a career services staff member you can always assign a student to a slot.



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