Definition: Experience Statuses

Tawnya -

If you're wondering what the different status options for Experiences are, look no further!

  • Pending: The experience was submitted by the student, and is awaiting action to begin
  • Being Approved: When the experience approval process has "begun"  it will set the status of this experience to being approved. It will update the deadlines of the approvals based on their deadline offsets.
  • Needs Review: The approval process has been halted. If any of the contacts decline the experience or a deadline is missed emails will no longer be automatically sent and we will also set the status to needs review and you will be notified to update this information.
  • Approved: All approvers (employer supervisors) have approved the experience and learning objectives. You will be notified once the experience has been fully approved.
  • Declined: All or one approver (employer supervisors) have not approved the experience.
  • Ongoing: The experience has been approved by your staff and the supervisors at the company, but the student is still completing the experiential learning portion before it is complete.
  • Completed: The experience is finished
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