Creating and Managing Experiences

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Experiences are a way for you to track student internships! This tool is primarily used to track for credit internships that require approval from different departments and contacts.

This article outlines a high level overview of the Experiences process.


School Settings

Visibility - make survey answers from reviewers in the approval process visible to students and other reviewers (if you are asking reviewers sensitive information do not check this box)

Permissions - restrict which students have access to request Experiences


Career Services (CS) staff can build custom surveys that will be used to integrate in the different Experience templates.

 A few surveys that you might want to consider building (per template, if necessary):

  • Student request custom questions - Unique questions that your program requires, or wants to expose to reviewers (stakeholders) on an Experience.
  • Reviewer approval custom questions - A survey that reviewers take when reviewing the Experience details. Each reviewer could have their own survey (or none at all), if necessary.
  • Evaluation custom questions - Questions used for program assessment goals- You can select if students and reviewers should receive mid-term evaluations, final evaluations.

Additional Survey documentation


Terms should be used to organize the academic calendar on campus. At least one active term is required to use Experiences since Evaluation dates depend on Term dates.


Templates allow you to define requirements for different types of internships. Career Services staff can create a new Experience template with the Experiences tab (on the left navigation bar). Any custom surveys created should be added to the template.


Daily Management

    1. Student Submits an Experience - student receives a job offer (through Handshake or not) and submits the details to your office by creating a new Experience
      1. How to Request an Experience (as a student)
      2. How to Create an Experience (on behalf of a student)
    2. Kick off Approval Process - your office receives a notification for a pending experience and begins the approval process
      1. How to Start and Manage Approvals
      2. How to Manage Experiences that “Need Review” 
    3. Approval - Reviewers receive an email notification that includes a link to an approval form. The reviewer will approve or decline the experience and answer any additional questions you have included.
      1. How to Approve an Experience (as a Reviewer)
    4. Internship - the student’s internship or co-op begins!
    5. Gather Evaluations - review mid term and final evaluation submissions and send manual reminders when necessary
      1. How to Manage Evaluations
    6. Create Reports - once evaluations are gathered, your office can report on all the Experience data!
      1. How to Run Experience Reports
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