Experiences Emails

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  • Experience Request Confirmation
    • Sent: when a student requests an Experience or one is created for them
    • Subject: Your experience request for [COMPANY NAME]
    • From: handshake@notifications.joinhandshake.com
    • Content:
    • Request_Notification.png
  • Comments on Experiences
    • Sent: when a career services staff member comments on the student experience
    • Subject: You have a new notification on Handshake
    • From: handshake@notifications.joinhandshake.com
    • content:
    • Experience_Comment_to_Student.png



  • Experience Approval Request
  • Experience Mid-term or Final Evaluation Request (or reminder)
  • Subject: Experience final evaluation for [STUDENT NAME]
  • From:handshake@notifications.joinhandshake.com
  • Content: 
  • Mid_term_and_final_eval_to_reviewer.png

Career Services

  • Experience is Fully Approved
    • Sent: when an Experience status is set to approved manually or all Reviewers have approved it
    • Subject: Experience fully Approved
    • From:handshake@notifications.joinhandshake.com
    • Content:
    • Fully_Approved.png
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