Experiences at a Glance

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This article outlines a high level overview of the Experiences process. If you need some quick context or want to understand the workflow from a birds-eye-view, use this article, along with these key resources as you set it up:



1. Survey(s). Career Services (CS) staff build custom surveys that will be used to integrate in the different Experience templates.

A few surveys that you might want to consider building (per template, if necessary):

  • Student request custom questions - Unique questions that your program requires, or wants to expose to approvers (stakeholders) on an Experience.
  • Approver custom questions - A survey that approvers take when reviewing the Experience details. Each approver could have their own survey (or none at all), if necessary. 
  • Evaluation custom questions - Questions used for program assessment goals- You can send a separate evaluation survey to students and approvers. You can also determine which approvers receive evaluation requests

Explore our documentation on surveys to learn more.


2. Template(s). CS staff create a new Experience template in the Experiences Preferences (School Settings) - adding those custom surveys.


Daily Management:


3. Student Submission. Student receives a job offer (through Handshake or otherwise) and wants to use the internship for their program requirements.

4. Approval KickoffCS staff receives a notification for pending Experience and then reviews and kicks off the approval process

There can be a variety of hiccups here, so it’s important CS are as informed as possible on how to manually manage a lot of the tasks in this process.

5. Approval. Approvers receive an email notification that includes a link. They can “approve” and will answer any custom survey questions on this form. 

Note: Approvers do not need a Handshake account - they will operate solely through these email links.

6. Internship. The student's internship or co-op opportunity begins! From here, fast forward to when CS need to send program assessments.

7. Evaluation. CS staff review the Experiences and request evaluations any time an assessment is required. Some schools will have both midterm and final evaluations.

8. Report. Once evaluations are gathered, CS staff can then report on data tracked!


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