Creating an Experience (on behalf of a student)

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Many parts of the Experiences process is easily managed from a Career Services view, to make it simpler to manage one-off or time-sensitive situations. This article will walk through the steps for requesting an Experience on behalf of a student.

To create an Experience on behalf of a student

  1. Navigate to the Experiences tab in the left-hand Navigation
  2. Select the Create Experience button in the top right corner of the page
    1. Create_Experience_Option.png
  3. Complete the job and employer details, as well as any custom request questions
    1. Note: make sure to choose the correct Experience Template so any custom survey questions you’ve configured will populate
  4. Update the status as necessary (you will most likely want to set it to Approved or Pending)
  5. Click Create Experience in the bottom right corner of the page to complete this process
    1. Note: when creating an Experience on behalf of a student they will receive an Experience Requested notification


  1. If you set the Experience to Approved will students receive the Experience Requested and the Experience Fully Approved notification?
    1. Yes, students will always receive an email notification letting them know that an Experience was created on their behalf. The student will also see this in their Handshake account.
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