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To review items in the Resource Library, click Resources under the communicate section on the left hand navigation bar. This will take you to your Resource Library where you can manage the articles posted to the students at your university. 

  • Sort by Status of the article: Drafting or Published
  • Sort by the author of the article to view which staff members have posted which articles
  • Put a check mark to the left of the article title to see bulk actions

Creating a new article

1. Click New Article in the upper right hand corner. The page will load to the first step: Basics. 

  • Add a photo if desired. 
  • Select the author name from the dropdown (this is a list of career services staff at your school). 
  • Enter the title of the new article. 
  • Select a status from the dropdown. Note: you must select "Published" in order for students to see the resource.
  • Pinned order will reorder the way the articles are displayed in the resource library. The higher the number, the higher the priority. If no order (weight) is added, article will display in order they were created​​. 
    • For example, if you have two articles published and one is weighted 3 and the other is weighted 1, the one weighted 3 will show up first for students. 

2. When you've finished entering the basics, click Next in the lower-right of the page. This will load the Content section. You can copy and paste content from a document you have created outside of Handshake in the editor

  • Important note: If you're looking to upload a file for your resource/article, you can skip this step, or add any extra information you want to about the attachment. We'll add the actual attachment after we build the article - look for the section "Adding a file/attachment to your article" later in this article.



3. After entering your Content, click Next to set Qualifications. You can target items in the resource library to certain groups of students. You can choose who will see this article based on school year, GPA, major, colleges and labels that you have added at your institution. Feel free to leave this blank for an unrestricted article!


4. Click Create when you are ready to create this article, make sure in the basics section you have changed the status to Published if you would like this to be visible to students.


Adding a file/attachment to your article

If you want to include a PDF or powerpoint or other file, you can do that now.

1. On the overview page for your article, click New Attachments in the left sidebar. 


2. Give your attachment a name, then click Choose File to upload your attachment. Click Create Attachment when you're done. 


3. The screen will load to one like the example below - you'll need to refresh the page to see the attachment. 


Once you refresh, your page should look similar to this: 



4. Click on the tab to go back to your article, and you should see the attachment posted successfully!


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