Charging Employers for Interview Schedules

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Charging employers a flat rate for all interview rooms

  1. Review this article: Interview schedule season and preferences  
  2. Set a room rate that will apply to each room that an employer requests on campus
  3. Example of what this will look like for employers that are requesting an interview schedule on campus:


Charging employers for specific schedules or for certain rooms

  1. Make sure there is no value set in the school settings for Interview Preferences: Interview Schedule Preferences
  2. When a pending interview request comes in review the rooms or the type of interview. If this is a schedule that you will be charging for follow these instructions
  3. Click Edit in the interview schedule
  4. Enter a daily room cost in the field
  5. Click Review and then Save Changes in the bottom right corner
  6. To create invoices and view payment history view the Payments section of the interview schedule from the overview page
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