How to Download Invoices for One or All Employers

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If you would like to download a report of all invoices that have been sent to an employer during a certain time period in Handshake, please follow these instructions:

Note: If you leave the employer blank you can pull a report of all invoices and payments made in Handshake for a certain time period. 

  1. Click Analytics on the left hand navigation bar

  2. Click Invoices from the tabs at the top of the screen

  3. Select the date range you are interested in looking at by clicking on the calendar icon

  4. Select the employer you would like to pull the report for 

  5. Select the Payment Status

  6. Select the item(s) in Handshake you are interested in reviewing invoices for

  7. Click Get Invoice Report

    • You will see a message that your download has started and once the invoice report is ready you will be sent an email (you can download the report directly from this page when it is ready)

  8. Click Download Invoice Report to download this report in a .csv format

  9. Save the file and review! 

Example Report

  • Tip: The Generated Invoice Link will direct you in Handshake to the invoice that was sent to the employer. If you need to resend an invoice you can do so by visiting this link. 

To view an example invoice please view this article: How do I send an invoice?

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