Payments System Setup and Testing Guide

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Payments are integrated into Handshake with events, career fairs and on-campus interviews. This checklist and testing guide will take you from choosing a payment vendor, integrating vendor with Handshake, and testing to ensure payments are working correctly!

Step 1: Choose payment vendor

  • Stripe (Most common)
  • TouchNet: You can have multiple site IDs setup for each of your career centers in Handshake. This can be a great option for distributed campuses.
  • CASHNet: You can have multiple item codes set up with CASHNet in Handshake, one for each career center.
  • Manual Payments: Any payment outside of these vendors, cash, check, or external payment method like PayPal

Step 2: Integrate vendor with Handshake

Important: Make sure to closely follow integration instructions below!

Step 3: Test Your Payment Setup

Test your payment configuration with a career fair:

  • To test your payment integration you must create a career fair, sign-up as your on-campus employer, and pay for that fair.  You can delete the registration after testing. You will want to make a payment of $2 or more to make sure the payment went through.  Check in your system (Stripe, TouchNet or CASHNet) that the payment went through.

Reconcile your payments:

  • Download your invoice report from Handshake by navigating to "Analytics" > "Invoices", or use the bulk download on your registration page of your career fair. 
  • Verify the payments from these reports by matching the Session ID in Handshake to payments in your vendor's system

Best Practice: Use Vlookup to assist you in this matching

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