Supporting Your Employers: Helping Employer Users Connect with a Company Profile

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If an employer contacts you and tells you that they are receiving the following message you can can help them connect to their company by following these steps. 

  1. Search for the contact using their name or email address
    1. ​If you do not see their email address it means they have not yet confirmed or created their account. You should direct them to this article: How do I create an employer user account? 
  2. Click on their name from the list, if you do not see their name they have not yet created their account
  3. A. Email Status 
    • Confirmed / Active: They have confirmed their email address
    • ​Not confirmed yet: You can select the option to resend a confirmation email
  4. B. Company Status
    • ​​Pending Staff Member at Company Name: Help them connect with their company by clicking the link or following the instructions below
    • No request exists: This user has not requested approval at their company, they will need to finish the steps in connecting with a company or creating a company account. More information here: How do I create a user account
    • Active staff member at Company Name: This user is all set! 
  5. Click Employers from the left hand navigation bar
  6. Select the employer account you are interested in adding this staff member to 
  7. Click Edit from the tabs in the top right corner of the screen
  8. Click Staff Management from the list on the left side of the screen 
  9. In the Add existing user by email... box type in the staff members email who is pending approval
  10. Click Add User
  11. The staff member will now have employer access to the system! 

Note: Only add users here who you can verify work at the company. 


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