School Settings: Interview Seasons and Preferences

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If you are planning on having employers request interview schedules on campus, you should setup your Interview Schedule Preferences in the school settings.

Interview Preferences

  • Select School Settings from the Main drop down menu.
  • Select Interview Preferences from the list on the left (you must configure these settings for each career center at your school):


  • Daily Room CostSpecify a room cost to charge employers for their rooms. This cost is based on the price for a room for one day.
  • Maximum rooms per request: To limit the number of rooms an employer can request per schedule, use this option.
  • Room Conflict Management: Room Conflict Management can be set up to enforce limitations on the number of interviews that can take place per day. To use room conflict management, you must first choose which rooms are available for interviews. Once you have established which rooms are available, the Handshake System will automatically ensure that there are never more interviews than available rooms for a given day. Career Services Staff can override room conflict management limits.
  • Room Capacity Count: The default number of rooms available per day. This can be manually changed by day on the Interviews page.
  • Approval Message: A custom message that will be sent to employers when you approve their interview request
  • Student Message: A custom message that will be sent to students when they are able to take a slot in an interview schedule
  • Student permission labels: If you would like to restrict certain students from applying to interviews you can set a label here


Interview Seasons

  • Select Interview Seasons from the list on the left:
    • Interview Seasons: Use interview seasons for establishing when interview schedules can be requested and for what dates interviews can take place. These seasons are enforced for employers requesting interviews at your school, but can be overridden by career services staff.
    • Click Add Interview Season


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