Managing Room Only Check-in

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A room only interview schedule is a schedule where a room is reserved in Handshake but the slots are managed outside of Handshake. Employers and career services can select students as primary candidates for this interview schedule but they will not be able to take slots in the system.

You can still track the students who check in for these Room Only schedules to make sure you have a complete number of students who interviewed on campus. 

General Kiosk

  1. Open a General Kiosk from the Appointments or the Events section of Handshake
  2. Check in as a student (make sure there is a room only interview schedule on that day)
  3. Click Interview Schedule
  4. Click on the Room Only interview schedule you are there for that day to check in

Interview Specific Kiosk

  1. Open the Room Only interview schedule
  2. Click Open Check-in Kiosk from the Actions section 
  3. Check in as a student
    1. Any student that attends that university will be able to check into a Room Only schedule since employers do not always manage their applicants in Handshake on Room Only Interview Schedules
  4. The student will get a successful check-in message
  5. Now as a career center staff member you can review Check-ins on the Interview Overview page


Download Check-Ins

  1. Open the Interview schedules tab
  2. Select to view Completed interviews
  3. Filter to Room Only interview schedules.
  4. Select More Actions on bulk actions, and select Download Checkins to CSV.




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