Career Fairs: Registering Multiple Company Divisions

Tawnya -

This article walks through the steps you can take as a Career Services admin in order to register another company division for a Career Fair.

Check the company and existing registrations:

  1. Navigate to the company profile to check that there are at least two divisions added the company.
  2. Navigate back to your particular Fair - find the registered company, and make sure the registration exists and has a division associated with it. Explore this article on editing a Career Fair Registration for additional details.
  3. If there is not a division, update to match the correct company division.

Create a new registration:

  1. Once you've checked the company divisions and existing registration, you will be able to create a career fair registration as usual. 
  2. On the main Career Fair page, view the registered Employers:Screen_Shot_2018-03-19_at_10.33.22_AM.png
  3. Select the "New Registration" tab in the top right corner:Screen_Shot_2018-03-19_at_10.33.27_AM.png
  4. Add the details, and save the registration.
  5. Once the registration is created for the general company, navigate back to the individual registration and select the Edit tab on the top right corner:Screen_Shot_2018-03-19_at_10.36.49_AM.png
  6. From the Edit page, you can associate it with a specific division:

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