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Engaging with your Employers partners is vital to building long-term campus recruiting connections, and upon making the switch to Handshake, most schools typically see a 2-3X increase in employer engagement due to the ease of use. Yet as with every new system, you might connect with a confused Employer every now and then.  That's why Handshake is here to help you support your employers every step of the way!

This article highlights a few of the questions that you might field from your Employer partners, and the quick steps to resolution.

If you don't see your question here, explore this FAQ section in the Employer Help Center - this outlines many of the questions that our Employer Support team sees - and we're always updating the content.


Employer says: “Help! I’m not receiving the confirmation email!”

Why: Some company IT teams routinely flag vendor emails as spam

How you can help:

Encourage the Employer to explore these options:

  1. Run through this troubleshooting article
  2. Check spam and junk folders
  3. Add to your email contacts
  4. Ask your IT department to whitelist Handshake and check for quarantined emails.


Employer says: “I’m stuck pending approval from my company, what can I do?”

Why: To prevent fraud and enable companies to manage their own profiles, a single point of contact at companies approve company staff members

How you can help:

As a Career Services user, you do also have the ability to help employers who run into trouble with this process, outlined in this Help Center article


Employer says “Help, I’ve connected to the wrong company!”

Why: When you’re in a rush to create an account and post a job, it’s easy to make a few accidental clicks!

How you can help:

Employers can always cancel their request or leave their company accounts. The process outlined in this Help Center article walks Employers through the steps for leaving their company accounts


Employer says: “Help! I can’t post jobs at your school!”

Why: There could be a few options as to why they are hitting a roadblock, including:

  • Company is not approved at your school
  • Company does not have correct roles at your school
  • Employer (user) does have the correct roles in their user settings

How you can help:

  • Search for the company they are connected to, check the approval status
  • On Employer Approval page, check the company permissions at your school (do they have the role for "Post Jobs"?)
  • Search for the user (by email), check their individual user roles at the company


Employer says: "Why doesn't my colleague have the same list of schools as me?"

Why: School approvals are company based, so that approval will carry over for every user connected to your company's profile. However, each user connected to the company profile will create their own separate list of schools to have on their own individual Core School List.  Learn more about the Choose Your Schools Feature here 

How you can help: Share this article outlining this process and encourage them to add your school to their Core School list.


Error message from Career Services account: “You do not have permission to post jobs at X school


Why: When you're posting a job on behalf of an employer and you receive this error message, it is most likely because the company you are posting on behalf of is:

  • Not approved at your school
  • Approved, but not or given any roles (such as the role for "Post Jobs")

How you can help:

This Help Center article highlights the steps you can take to adjust the employer approval and post the job


Help! I'm still running into issues:

Handshake Support has got your back! Submit a ticket on behalf of the employer that you are working with (if you're Career Services, just be sure to indicate Career Service as your user type on the form, even if it's on behalf of an Employer)

To ensure our team can help you as efficiently as possible, include the following items when you submit your request:

  • URLs from the page you're on
  • Email addresses of the users you're working with
  • Screenshots of any error messages or pages
  • Details about Urgency / Context

For more information on how to get your questions resolved ASAP, explore this Help Center article


Additional Resources:

We want to do everything we can to help you manage the increased volume of Employer and Job approvals on Handshake. Here are a few resources that you might be interested in:




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