On-Campus Employment Options in Handshake

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On campus employment is a great way to drive student engagement in Handshake. In many cases it can be a critical factor to engaging faculty and departments across campus.

This article outlines the two options for managing on-campus employment in Handshake


Before you get started:

Ask yourself and your team a few key questions! This will ensure you have the right stakeholders involved in the decision making process. Ultimately, you know your institution best. Whiteboard your critical workflows and prioritize!

  • Who currently manages on-campus employment?
    • Singular coordinator posting on behalf of departments?
    • Individual departments autonomously posting positions?
  • Which institutional policies and processes am I working with?
  • Who are my key stakeholders?
  • Will we be using Handshake to manage a federal work study program?
  • Is there already an existing "employer" account in Handshake? Will that workflow change?

Please note:  A company account might have already been created for your "school" by another department (Admissions office, Grad office, etc) if they used Handshake in the past to register for a fair and to recruit students at a different university. 

This can potentially prevent you from connecting to or creating a profile. We usually recommend reaching out to the office who created or "owns" that existing account to determine if they should either:

  • Merge with the new account you are creating OR
  • (most common) Remain as a completely separate company + add a descriptive title ( XYZ University: Admissions Office) 

Once you determine the best path forward, select the on-campus option you'd like to leverage.

Option 1: Company Model to Manage On-Campus Employment:

Key functionality:

  • Each department is set up as their own separate company profile within Handshake
  • Each campus department/office will manage their own staff and postings
  • Handshake's Support Team will have to open up a set amount of domain spaces (such as @university.edu) for each company
  • The experience for on-campus employers with the company model will be very similar to those employers who are not affiliated with your campus.
  • Usually best for campuses whose departments are used to/able to post positions and manage accounts on their own
  • Most larger campuses use this option

Follow these instructions to setup the company model for on-campus employment in Handshake


Option 2: Division Model to Manage On-Campus Employment:

Key functionality:

  • Each department/office will be created as a division in a single shared company account
  • A designated account owner must approve all staff access
  • Divisions are not associated with contacts or users - instead connected to:
    • Jobs
    • Fair registrations
  • Each staff member is able to see and edit jobs across the entire company profile
  • Users can use divisions to filter and build saved search views
  • Usually best for campuses where 1 or 2 coordinators have to post positions on behalf of several or all divisions
  • The company model is typically easiest to support longterm, but this is another option if all postings are managed by a central POC

Follow these instructions to setup the division model for on-campus employment in Handshake


Best Practices + FAQs:

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