On-Campus Employers: Company Model Configuration

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On-campus employment is a great way to drive student engagement in Handshake. In many cases it can be a critical factor to engaging faculty and partners across campus.

This article outlines how to setup the company model for managing on-campus employment in Handshake. 

Functionality Refresher on the Company Model:

  • Each department is set up as their own separate company profile within Handshake
  • Each campus department/office will manage their own staff and postings
  • One of our Support Team members will have to open up a set amount of domain spaces (@university.edu) for each company
  • The experience for on-campus employers with the company model will be very similar to those employers who are not affiliated with your campus
  • Will “work study” be managed as a single separate profile, or will work study postings be integrated within each department?
  • Is there already an existing "employer" account in Handshake? Will that workflow change?

Please note:  A company account might have already been created for your "school" by another department (Admissions office, Grad office, etc) if they used Handshake in the past to register for a fair and to recruit students at a different university. 

This can potentially prevent you from connecting to or creating a profile. We usually recommend reaching out to the office who created or "owns" that existing account to determine if they should either:

  • Merge with the new account you are creating OR
  • (most common) Remain as a completely separate company + add a descriptive title ( XYZ University: Admissions Office) 


How to Configure:

  • Identify a core list of departments and offices that will need to create their own company profile
    • This is a great time to organize your POC lists and departments (although we can always add more)
  • Provide Handshake Support with the number of domain spaces you’d like available for these on-campus employment profiles
    • If you have 100 departments, we will open 100 domain spaces
  • Determine any guidelines or company naming conventions you’d like campus employers to adhere to
    • EX: All companies will be titled: “University Name: Department Title”
    • EX: All postings will be titled: “School U: Job Title”
  • Determine if your on-campus employment model will also include work study
    • Will work study be a separate profile? Or will it be integrated within each of these department accounts?
    • Explore this article on work study to configure
    • Let your Handshake Relationship Manager know you'll be managing work study in Handshake
  • Identify a POC for each department who will act as the company owner
    • One or two individuals (usually an office admin) will post on behalf of the entire department 
  • Send an email introduction to those these department POCs when you're ready to launch, letting each of them know about this upcoming switch.


Email example to communicate to department POCs:

 Tailor this example email copy to communicate the upcoming changes to your on-campus departments: 

"Hi [insert contact name],

We’re excited to announce that[ University Name] will move its on campus employment posting and hiring process into Handshake.  

Please read these instructions on how to move your department's open jobs into Handshake:

  • Create a company profile for your department
  • Keep in mind [XYZ guidelines and title structure]
  • Use this time to collect any job postings and information out of [add current system name here] and copy the details over to Handshake as this system will shut down on [XYZ date]  



Here are some excellent resources you can explore to get acquainted with the system:


[On-Campus Employment POC]"


FAQs + Best Practices

Explore our Handshake Community  to learn more!


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