On-Campus Employers: Divisions Model Configuration

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On campus employment is a great way to drive student engagement in Handshake. In many cases it can be a critical factor to engaging faculty and partners across campus.

This article outlines how to setup the division model for managing on-campus employment in Handshake. 


Functionality Refresher on the Division Model:


  • Each department/office will be created as a division in a single shared company account
  • A designated account owner/POC must approve all staff members who access the account
  • Divisions are not associated with contacts or users - instead connected to:
    • Jobs
    • Fair registrations
  • Each staff member is able to see and edit jobs across the entire company profile
  • Users can use divisions to filter and build saved search views


How to Configure:

  • Identify the main POC(s) who will manage the company profile.
    • This is typically one or two individuals (usually an on campus employment or work study coordinator in the Career Services office) who will manage staff requests and assist in posting on behalf of departments.
    • This POC should be looped into your core implementation team to understand the core philosophy and trainings of Handshake



  • POC should then create a company profile.
    • Include a descriptive title so staff members who request know exactly which profile they are connecting to when they connect
    • EX: University Name: On Campus Employment

PLEASE NOTE: In some cases, a company account might have already been created for your "school" by another department (Admissions office, Grad office, etc) if they used Handshake in the past to register for a fair at a different university. If so, it might prevent you from connecting to or creating a profile.

If you notice this is the case:

1. Reach out to the office who created or "owns" this account to determine:

  • if they should merge with the new account you are creating OR
  • if they should remain a completely separate company + add a descriptive title (XYZ University: Admissions Office) 

2. Create a Support ticket and cc your Handshake Relationship Manager outlining your decision. The team will be able to either merge the profiles OR provision an additional domain space for you.

  • Share the company profile URL and the main POC’s email address with your Handshake Relationship Manager to ensure the POC is marked as the owner on the account (and the only one enabled to approve staff requests).


  • POC should setup divisions for the company profile
    • It's best to provision at least one division for each department/office that you anticipate will connect to the profile - this will ensure that staff can automatically filter by that division for job postings and fair registrations


  • Identify a list of the key stakeholder(s) for each division to connect to the company profile
    • Start with a list of key individuals (usually just one or two main contacts per department) at first.


  • Determine if your on-campus employment model will also include work study
    • Will work study be a separate profile? Or will it be integrated within this umbrella account?
    • Explore this article on work study to configure
    • Let your Handshake Relationship Manager know you'll be managing work study in Handshake

Email example to communicate to department POCs:

 Tailor this example email copy to communicate the upcoming changes to your on-campus departments who will connect to the profile:


"Hi [insert contact name],

[ University Name] has moved its on campus employment posting and hiring process into Handshake.  Please read for instructions on how to move your department's open jobs into Handshake.  

  • You will be receiving an email to activate your account - log in to take a look at the new company profile
  • You'll notice we've pre-created divisions for your account
    • Start posting jobs - make sure you’re choosing only your division when you create the posting!
    • Set saved searches in the Jobs page to just show your division, so you aren’t seeing others’ applicants.
  • Keep in mind [XYZ guidelines and title structure]
    • [Add your custom instructions here]
  • Use this time to collect any job postings and information out of [add current system name here] and copy the details over to Handshake as this system will shut down on [XYZ date]



Here are some excellent resources you can explore to get acquainted with the system:


[On-Campus Employment POC/Team]"


FAQs + Best Practices

Explore our Handshake Community  to learn more!


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