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Engaging with your Employer partners is vital to building long-term campus recruiting connections. Upon making the switch to Handshake, most schools typically see a 2-3X increase in employer engagement due to the ease of use.

With this increase in volume, it's important to identify strategy up front to help you build those long-term employer connections!

Pre-invite Checklist:

If you're in implementation, run through this checklist to ensure you're ready to send the invite:

  1. Import your employer contact file
  2. Send your employers a “heads up” email (optional)
  3. Determine if you'll targeting a select group of Employers (on campus, "white glove" partners, etc) and how you will identify them
  4. Determine which team member is “sending” the invite in Handshake
  5. When you're ready to send the bulk invite, you'll have the option to "unhide" your school, so employers will be able to connect. Screen_Shot_2019-08-06_at_11.14.12_AM.png

Once you're live, you should start to see quite a few employers trickling in. This is a great time to nail down a vetting and approval process that works for your office.

Employer Approval Best Practices:

Once you're live and working through a queue of employer approvals, use these tips to build and efficient workflow, tailored to your team's needs.  


Best Practice: Set aside time to approve incoming companies + postings

Why: This empowers your office to vet relevant postings, it ensures high quality, engaging network for students, and puts you in a position to strengthens and build employer relationships



Best Practice: Vet employer (company) requests thoroughly

 Why:  Employers cannot post a job to a school unless their company has been approved to post jobs there. However, once your school approves a company, all staff who are connected to the account can request to post a position.

The time that you invest in vetting the company now, allows you to quickly scan and approve postings down the road.

The up-front approval process helps you curate an engaging network that aligns with your university's brand.


Use ALL of these factors to determine if the company is a good fit:

  1. Staff Member email addresses (align with company contact?)
  2. Company contact information + social pages
  3. Ensure that the “about” details align
  4. Trust score and # of approves/declines across the network


Best Practice: Scan + approve jobs

Why: We recommend approving jobs from a variety of employers and industries (even if they don't typically align with your traditional relationships) as this give students the ability to explore meaningful careers beyond their major.

However, your office does have the final say on job approvals, and can curate the network based on your institutional guidelines. This also give you a chance to vet postings for fraudulent or suspicious employers.





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